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Mommy Gets Fit

I am a 26 year old mommy of one and proud Army wife. This is my journey to reclaim what was once mine before having my amazing little girl (now almost 2). I weighed 122 when I got pregnant, 150 when I left the hospital after having her. No fancy diets, no magic pills. Lots of hard work, sweat and determination are what will get me there. Current Weight:122

I tried a body pump class for the first time tonight, and it was amazing!! So much fun- an hour straight of lifting weights! Def what I needed to add to get to my goals!

It just now hit me- I did it! I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I’ve been so focused lately on everything, that I didn’t even stop to think about it! I gained 50 pounds while I was pregnant and now, EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. ONE. is GONE!!! WOOHOO!!! 

What an amazing feeling. I honestly never thought I would get all the way back down. 

“My warm-up is harder than your workout.”

I am REALLY going to try to stay more focused. I made up a vacation countdown calendar to help keep me focused. Whenever I stop and think about how close it is (currently 82 days) and how much I want to wear whatever I want while I’m there, it makes me snap back to reality to keep chugging along. Especially because vacation clothes shopping is even closer! Plus- my birthday is in 3 weeks and I told the hubby I just want to go clothes shopping for my gift, which gives me 3 weeks to shed a few more pounds before that. 

Most of all, I have GOT to stop my current weekend habit of eating like CRAP, not working out, and not eating every few hours. This has to be undoing at LEAST half of my efforts from the week. I need to find a bit more balance on the weekend. 

This week I WILL:

 - drink more water: diet coke has taken over again

 - Not only go to the gym for my Monday through Thursday classes, but go on Friday too because I always say I will go Saturday and Sunday, and then I never do. SIX gym days a week! 

- Allow myself my one “free” meal on Friday night and make a concious effort to eat better the rest of the weekend.

- Write down the food I eat on the weekend too. not just during the week when I am eating what I should be. Just because it doesn’t get written down, doesn’t mean it goes without notice to my body. 

I just assume its because they can’t handle high doses of AWESOME!

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It’s exactly 3 months until I leave for vacation, which means I have 2 months until swimsuit shopping begins! Time to REALLY buckle down and do some serious toning! I absolutely REFUSE to look back on these vacation photos feeling like my legs look “gross” or my arms look flabby. I WILL look back on these vacation photos with pride!!

Not too great…but not bad either. Only went from 123.0 to 122.6. I did get a little lazy last week but hopefully thats also due to muscle gain! I am really striving for good muscle tone, especially in my legs and arms!

Diet coke cupcakes with whipped cream. Just 40 calories each! Will post recipe later!

Diet coke cupcakes with whipped cream. Just 40 calories each! Will post recipe later!